Property Rights West Australia
A voice for rural communities

Landowners of Western Australia, let's protect our heritage and our future by standing firm for what is right for our great country.   These scenes are from my own property Jukurrpa and I fight every single day to keep my home due to the inconsistent laws governing property rights in  Western Australia.

Advance Australia Fair!



Property Rights West Australia  has been created to provide a central point of information and news that relates to the rights of property owners in Western Australia, specifically the rural and farming communities.  

In particular, my story which unfolds on the News section serves as a real and current example of just how difficult it is to stand up for what is right!  

Our aim is to ensure the property rights of Western Australian landholders are justly defended by working closely with government and other groups.

The issues I have faced need to be raised, addressed and reliably reported so that the voices of the hard people working in rural communities in Western Australia are heard. Read all the latest on our News page.

Our land is vital to the survival of the wonderful West Australian people, so let's protect and care for this precious resource so future generations can benefit as we have done from our forefathers.