Property Rights West Australia
A voice for rural communities

Landowners of Western Australia, let's protect our heritage and our future by standing firm for what is right for our great country.   These scenes are from my own property Jukurrpa and I fight every single day to keep my home due to the inconsistent laws governing property rights in  Western Australia.

A personal story of how I am defending my land and my livelihood every single day!  The battle continues ... I remain focused on resolution of the situation and will never give up!

About Us

As a landower who has experienced first hand the trial and tribulations of making a living from farming, I am passionate about preserving our way of life for future generations.  As anyone who works the land knows, the challenges of making a living from doing what you love, is not without consequences.  We have to care for the land and our scarce resources on a daily basis, so that we can benefit in the longer term.  Careful management of water, crop rotation, animal husbandry are critical.  Every day we must be diligent to protect and care for our not insubstantial investment.

It's a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week responsibility. But we are passionate about our heritage and our land.  Our days are busy and for many of us, our location is remote, so we have to be self reliant and resourceful.  We rely on the fact that things we cannot directly control are diligently managed by those who have the skills and responsibility.

Over the last 3 years, I have been personally involved in the issue of property rights for landowners and I can tell you this is an issue we have to very closely and carefully understand.  There are many cases of landowners in our State who are facing a rude awakening if they don't keep up to date on what is being done at the governmental level and stand up for what is both right for the individual and right for the community.

In order to keep the property rights of rural and semi-rural landowners high on the agenda of government and to help promote fair and equitable support for our hard-working and committed people on the land sharing information is vital.

We can now reach many more people than ever before, particularly those who live in the remote corners of our country. Through this website, we can now efficiently communicate the voice of our community on the important issue of property rights..

Please contact me at any time with your news, views, opinions and concerns so that we may keep our community up to date on the issues that really matter and what is being done to progress and resolve them.  I am constantly in touch with government organisations, other related organisations such as Property Rights Australian and support anyone who may find themselves facing issues in the area of landowner property rights.