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Landowners of Western Australia, let's protect our heritage and our future by standing firm for what is right for our great country.   These scenes are from my own property Jukurrpa and I fight every single day to keep my home due to the inconsistent laws governing property rights in  Western Australia.

A personal story of how I have had to defend my land and my livelihood.  The battle continues ...


Latest news stories ...

May 2018

Environmental powers are not specifically dealt with in the Australian Constitution and are not the sole province of any one sphere of government. There is recognition that environment and sustainable development issues need to be addressed on a local, regional, national and international scale. This is reflected in the development of national strategies and agreements, which provide the main domestic basis for the implementation of UNCED outcomes. Read this interesting document : 

April 2018

Latest news in Peter Spencer case - Courts refuse to protect private property rights - from the Wentworth Report Feb 2018 

As background you may like to read the "The Death of Property Rights" article from the Quadrant 2016 

March 2018

News from Peter Spencer struggle, progess is being made but slowley - can you help?  Check out Peter's Facebook page "Support Peter Spencer & Australian Farmers"

January 2018

Happy New Year to everyone who continues to battle as I do against the bureaucratic bungling of government when it comes to property rights.

As tough as it is to keep pursuing what is right and just for Australian property owners, I am looking forward and commit to keeping the pressure on those who need to wake up and resolve these matters.  As taxpayers, we deserve justice and I am not going to give up the fight.

I thank all of my supporters who continue to back me, although you may be few in number, your support gives me the courage and spirit to keep fighting.  Here's to 2018 being the year common sense and justice prevail!

November 2017

With our government jumping on the worldwide bandwagon of "mental health issues" I felt compelled to put pen to paper - just how much do they really care about the state of a person's mental health?  One government department holds its hands up and says "your mental health is our concern" whilst another pursues you into the ground and for some Australian property owners they have driven them to take their own lives.  Here's what I think ...

Your mental health is our priority they say ...

So they ignore my pleas for help, they rather leave a man to die

Just because to my questions, they can't be bothered to reply

This is the way Aussie politicians treat us today

They drive you over the edge with their incompetence, hoping you'll give up and go away

... don't worry, your mental health is our priority they say


Take me to Court, force me into poverty proving I'm right

I faced jail that day for doing no wrong, what a fight!

the judge says I'm NOT guilty, free to go back to my farm

Yet until they return my land, the political shackles still do harm

... don't worry, your mental health is our priority they say


So I'm innocent yet still my hands are tied

No matter that they lied,

they stole my land but no remorse on their CV

I write to every department, the PM, even the Queen and go to the TV

I left school at 14 so they think I'm a dumb farmer, I'll simply go away

... don't worry, your mental health is our priority they say


Heap on the bureaucracy, ignore your calls and mail, we'll not shed a tear

Yes you bought land, yes the Title is clear

But we decided to carve off some of your land, the purpose we have no idea

However you Mr Aussie citizen pay taxes for it all

We'll pursue you to hell, no matter if you falter or you fall

We'll force you to the end of human endurance; after all it's our way

... don't worry, your mental health is our priority they say


So I sit watching the sun

my land worth nothing, where did I put that gun?

You stole my land, my life, my future and care less you cause such harm

You hide, you deceive, you sleep at night with conscious- clear??

I've lost everything, I'm cornered but I'll still fight have no fear

All I have is my farm work, no time to play

... don't worry your mental health is our priority they say


Makes me think of the ANZACS you sent into war

Go fight for your country, your freedom and more

We'll stay right here and make sure, no death will be in vain

Our great country offers much, this is quite plain

... don't worry your mental health is our priority they say


So the politicians build bureaucratic hurdles galore

As our future unfolds, on innocent Aussie citizens they prey

But let the bureaucracy smother the land

Bludgeon property owners for no reason, we'll understand

... don't worry your mental health is our priority they say


Well let me tell you politicians, you may kick me whilst I'm down

I'm too proud an Aussie to roll over and drown

My Boddington ancestors will turn in their grave

if I let you take away what they and the ANZACS fought so hard to save

Until my last breath, I will fight for the truth surely justice has to prevail,

Whatever happens tomorrow, and kill me it may

But lest we forget

... your mental health is our priority they say

Peter Swift - Nov 2017

From: Peter Swift <>
Date: 1 November 2017 at 6:58:49 pm AWST
To:,,, Julie Bishop <>,

Subject: CEO re rates notice

Dear Mr Northover,
I have previously written to express concerns over the arbitrary theft of private property, the valuation process and the planning and zoning.

Not once have you corresponded to act or rectify this unjust action of DWER.

I have brought to your attention the default in the economy it is causing, look what has happened in NSW but does any one take notice ,no.

You may take legal action against me just because you can, what you fail to like the department to see is that the land in question under current laws belongs to the state as freehold title is not absolute so if I cannot use the land for its zoned purpose, I can never own the land, it has no value and cannot be sold .

For you to seek your rates notice I suggest contacting the state revenue department .

Yesterday I had the police come and admit me to hospital from my property due to my failure to cope with your legal threats and the shear mental abuse the state places me 24 hours per day .What does it take to spell out the obvious?

Show some leadership.  Work with me and resolve this issue as it's not just me it's 98,042 property owners in the southwest.

Trust me this is nothing short of embezzlement by government.

I will never leave my property. I paid stamp duty on that transaction. I did everything arbitrary right I'm not the criminal in this I am the victim.

Regards Peter Swift


October 2017

In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr "Nothing in the world is more dangeous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." - the latest letter from the Dawson our Minister for the Environment in regard my plight is worth a read - let me know if you would like a copy - my response - get a grip Sir, more importantly make INFORMED decisions!  This is about THE ARBITRARY THEFT and EMBEZZLEMENT of PRIVATE PROPERTY.

My response to latest correspondence from the Minister ...

From: Peter Swift <>
Date: 25 October 2017 at 4:55:23 pm AWST
Subject: Response letter Peter Swift

Hon Steven Dawson

Thank you for response however whoever informed this matter has nothing to do with the court case where I was found INNOCENT.


Does this simplify the matter for you?

You are playing Russian roulette with peoples' lives.


This is absolutely worth a read ... as is and standby for the TV story to be aired shortly - it is the most unbelievable story and it will shock you.

July 2017

The farce that is property rights in Australia continues .. Queensland Country Life story ...

My farm is being taken away next week, I am a desperate man and this is a letter pleading for the insanity to stop ...

Please sir,

After contact with Conservative party today and their referral to you as I'm running out of time but I have to seek justice ,l will be brief.

1: In 2007 I purchased rural 485 hectare property in Cranbrook Shire southwest Western Australia .
Solicitor carrying out settlement property was valued nothing out of the ordinary, borrowed money from the bank they carried out their value on property as normal.

2 : 2010 I was contacted by the then department of environment and conservation (DEC)re spot on satellite imagery charged with illegal clearing without permit Except I never did any clearing all was done by previous owners . I spent 3 and half years defending my innocence I won my case however ,
During the court case it was put to me if I plead guilty they would reduce the charges as my property was an environmentally sensitive wet land area and due to that I cannot graze stock on my rural zoned farm land as it constitutes clearing , After the court case I needed clarity of farm use as eighty percent was ESA environmental wet land sensitive area I cannot use it and also must get aboriginal heritage permission to even carry out fire breaks .

3: How do prospective purchases find out restrictions on freehold title if it is not noted on the title or in the shire planning zone or in ,the great southwestern regional planning scheme ,
Department of environment and regulation say they don't have to put on your title it is up to the purchasers to look up government gazetted notices ( who does this ) after parliamentary committee 42 /2015 was found that information was not available maps or documentation for public access to find these unjust laws .The then premier Collin Barnett and environment minister Albert Jacob said we don't care what the committee findings are media release

4: So the consequences are the arbitrary theft of private property is through state environment legislation by that the state does not take an interest in your property or makes an acquisition there is no compensation in the act therefore renders your property for the public benefit ,as your name is on the title you still are responsible for rates ,weeds ,vermin ,fire management ,payment of it etc. and yet you cannot use it as its zoned purpose the state willingly takes stamp duty on land they have already stolen.

This is unjust.

5: Due to the court case which cost recovery is set by the state at fifteen thousand dollars this is far short of the minimum legal representation costs.
As simple living solitary person the whole ordeal is very over whelming costing me my 32 year career all my cash and sanity.

6: For the last three years I have endured nothing but mental torture from in action of all levels of government, n good faith I purchase property, where has the equity gone for the security of finance,
The bank’s loan money and mortgage property under false pretences on land that becomes valueless due to environmental restrictions.  No compensation in the Act!

I cannot pay rates on land I can never own or use. I now cannot pay for land I can't use for zoned purpose nor can one pay for land that is arbitrarily stolen. If the land has environmental restrictions for community benefit let the community pay for it not expect individual to pay unless the government wishes to pay for land management as whatever the purpose there's a commercial reality.The current environmental legislation make Torren title System invalid as it depleted all the rights  once transferred at settlement e.g. carbon in soil, moisture, native Vegetation, trees, water etc.

7: Under the commonwealth bipartisan agreement between the states and territories the states and territories manage environment and wet lands . The Liberal party national party and labour all agreed not to pay compensation to land owner yet under the Kyoto agreement there is money available for "loss and damages”.

If the government had to pay compensation for environmental restrictions on freehold land it would cost around two hundred billion dollars money the government doesn't have, so this is the price private property is being held to account for the Federal government to meet its carbon credit targets.

Under the current state and territories environmental legislation this is nothing short of and my case embezzlement by the state ,totally unconstitutional the federal constitution has no power under current situation.

8: You may recall the case of Peter spencer tower of hope his case in high court still awaiting decision. The shooting of DEC officer in NSW of native veg laws, the Lot feed manager took his life in WA over environmental restrictions another man jailed for clearing his farm yet legislation pays no compensation due to them, they can't value native vegetation in dollars.

9 : Without secure property rights the nation will never solve debts as how can one invest without secure property rights to invest for finance institutions to secure mortgages, Torrens title system still exists today but legislation has destroyed property rights so why invest in something you can't ever own or control and use for propose zoned.

My situation is the 14 July, yes one week I will forced off my farm through action of the bank they are not above the law but lend money on legislated arbitrary stolen land without knowing like myself not on my title I pay the price on issues out of my control or knowledge and the minister responsible and other government departments sit and no one takes responsibility for greatest fraud since federation and default in the economy.

I sincerely hope as 14 July 2017 I lose everything that I have worked for fifth generation Australian the town of Boddington was named after my great grandfather here in WA the largest gold producer today yes I come from pioneering family's that helped make this country what it is today and to be stripped of all my rights and land for innocent free standing man that is innocent and proven it a court is appalling unjust situation.

I call on you in the eleventh hour where all other levels of government have failed not just myself but many and sadly they aren't   here today to write but on their behalf I right please stop default and life taking crime on our great nation in anticipation.

Yours sincerely
Peter Swift
Farmer Western Australia

April 2017

Sadly the recent death of farmer Ian Turnbull has been announced. Every farmer/land owner is shocked to the core by the treatment Ian suffered at the hands of bureaucrats until such time he was driven to the edge of human endurance.  And for what??? "This tragedy needs to be recognised by all, in the full light of truth the rule of law and with the public having the full knowledge of the Governments (bipartisan) scandalous  lies, theft, and deception over 20 long years." commented Peter Spencer.  Read the latest Daily Telegraph story here.  RIP Mr Turnbull, the battle for common sense will prevail. 

January 2017

Doesn't get any easier - No just terms on property 'acquisition' latest from Farm Weekly 

October 2016

Why property rights is such a minefield .. read this legal definition of 'property' according to our Australian Government.  "The world 'property' is often used to refer to something that belongs to another.  But ... 'property' does not refer to a thing; it is a description of a legal relationship with a thing.  It refers to a degree of power that is recognised in law as power permissibly exercised over a thing.  The concept of 'property' may be elusive.  Usually it is treated as a 'bundle of rights'.  Sounds more like a "bundle of bull#### to me!"  Check this out

October 2016

Don't miss Property Rights Conference at WA Murdoch University, Freehills Lecture Theatre - Thursday 6th October - starts 8.30 am.  The state of property rights in WA, and indeed Australia, has been in decline for many years.  From bans on land clearing to governments changing zoning with consultation, the list goes on and on.  Prosecution of innocent people like myself causing loss of health, money and civil liberties is happening and who will be next. Register for the event at and remember fore warned is fore armed! 

August 2016

Will common sense ever prevail? "While greenies are happy to use the technicalities of the Environmental Protection Act to stop a uranium mine, others might question whether the law has become ridiculous in terms of overriding the public good." a very interesting article by Paul Murray of The West Australian. 

June 2016

A fantastic tribute to a brave Australian landowner who was worn down by 10 years of bullying and harrassment over land rights.  No help from the Government, it's a crying shame on everyone who contributed to the needless loss of a true, blue Aussie.  This will break your heart but out of respect take a couple of minutes to listen to this "The Truth Walks Slowly (In The Countryside)"

May 2016

Farm foreclosure a political shame says Murray Cowper, MLA for Murray Wellington.  Read latest story in Farm Weekly here.

April 2016

Well respected landowner Glynn Bevan outraged at treatment of his neighbour Peter Swift who has eviction looming over him.  After being pursecuted by the Government who still fail to make a decision on his case, Peter is about to lose everything.  How do those in the government who are responsible sleep at night? A very good question.  Read latest story in The Countryman here.  The injustice will astound you.

Sobering thoughts if you want to check whether an ESA has been placed upon your property.  Straight from the Environment and Public Affairs committee. Read the excerpt here.

Farmers warned on land clearing pitfalls. Read The Countryman 12 April story here.  So Albert Jacob thinks it's ok to prosecute me but not practical or necessary to inform anyone impacted by an ESA (there are 96,042 of you out there) they stand to find themselves in same legal battle situation.  Land owners take note, their persecution of me is costing me my land and potentially my life. 

Landgate, the authority responsible for land titles looking to be "smarter, more efficient and effective" well reducing staff without their dream of technology and automated processing being able to make life easier actually working is a joke.  Read article from The West Australian here.

March 2016

Good luck to David Walter, champion of property rights who faces another battle against "unlawful" vegetation and environmental laws ruining the lives of Australians.  Read the details here and if you are in Brisbane, David asks you to attend the Brisbane Supreme Court at 9.00 am on March 16 and help support his efforts to help ageing widow, Mrs Catherine Burns. 

February 2016

Petition puts heat on fire management - the first in the South West have had disasterous consequences on lives, flora, fauna and the economy.  The Department of Fire and Emergency Services' (DFES) have received over 2,000 signatures from rural residents questioning the department's fire management practices.  Read the latest news here  Visit Fishers & Shooters Party website for more information.

And still the resolution of my property rights continues.  In the Shooters & Fishers WA representative, Rick Mazza Environmental Protection Speech you can hear more about the immoral persecution of farmers by governments who fail to implement appropriate and fair rules of engagement with landowners.  View the interesting short clip here

November 2015

"THE Barnett-led State Government has ignored the recommendations of a Legislative Council committee report on the Environmental Protection (Environmentally Sensitive Areas) Notice 2005, known as an ESA Notice.  Read full story here.

October 2015

Today Tonight featured story on the injustice of Peter Swift's situation 

If you think this sounds totally unbelievable, you are right - See the short TV clip here

26 September 2015 - Liberal MLC McSweeney's stinging attack on DER bureaucrats

Read Liberal MLC Robyn McSweeney recently launched a stinging attack on Department of Environment Regulation (DER) bureaucrats for their treatment of Manjimup landowner Peter Swift here

21 September 2015 - A home is no longer a castle? latest paper by Lorraine Finlay, School of Law, Murdoch University

Read Lorraine's latest paper on real property rights in the context of mining and environmental claims here.

19 September 2015 - Australian Law Reform Commission publish conclusions on laws relating to property rights

Read the latest from the Australian Government, "A number of Commonwealth laws may be seen as interfering with vested personal property rights."

Aint that the truth! Section 7.18 The ‘bundle of rights’ approach has presented some contemporary challenges, particularly in relation to land holding. Laws that limit what a landowner can do, for example by creating rights in others in the same land, may give rise to arguments about compensability, expressed in the question, when does regulating what someone may do with land become a ‘taking’ of that land? This is considered later and in Chapter 8 which can be found here.

23 August 2015 - Property Rights Group Queensland back fight for WA land rights

Visit their Website or check out Twitter

20 August 2015 - Parliamentary Committee slams 2005 ESA Notice

A parliamentary committee has recommended that all WA landowners affected by the Environmental Protection (Environmentally Sensitive Areas) Notice 2005 hown as the ESA Notice be notified of the law and its impact.  PS - as opposed to taking landowners like me through the Courts and costing me thousands of dollars and much more, to end with my being proven "NOT GUILTY" of any wrong doing.  If you are a land owner you must read this story.  Published in Farm Weekly, 20 August, 2015 by Peter Henderson. You will be shocked if you are one of the several thousand landowners affected by this issue. Page 1 and Page 2.

Any restrictions should be noted on land Titles but Environment Minister Albert Jacobs claims the number of titles which included ESAS, the cost of notification with any allowance for the administrative resources required to undertake the process would be more than $15.6 million. - YET it seems he and his department would rather drag land owners like me through the Courts and ruin lives than actually make it clear on Certificate of Titles if there were any restrictions on a property. This sort of attitude is absolutely unjust in every way!!

30 June 2015 - Death of Don Randall MP a real loss for justice of land owners

Don was a tireless campaigner for what he believe was right.  In was extremely hardworking for his constituents and for me personally he was a life saver.  He was actively pursuing the Attorney General on my behalf until the very day of his death in Boddington, the town named after my great great grandfather.  His commitment and efforts on my behalf will never be forgotten as I honour his memory by continuing my fight for justice for land rights.  All those in government today would do well to take a leaf from Don's book and think very carefully about where their commitment lies.  Don was very aware he was working for his constituents.  RIP Don, all you have done was not in vain, justice has to, and will prevail.

23 July 2015 - MP a Champion for those in need.  Read full story here.

22 July 2015 - Don Randall used to chat with apprentices during smoko.  Read full story here

June 2015 - Commonwealth of Australia - latest Hansard Report on WA Property Rights issue 

Mr RANDALL (Canning) (20:11): I wish to again bring to the attention of the House the unjust and unfair
situation of a constituent in Canning, Mr Peter Swift of Waroona, who was accused by the Department of
Environment and Conservation, DEC, in 2010 of clearing environmentally sensitive areas of land on his property,
to be labelled as contentious areas, CA, between November 2007 and December 2009. His property is located

on Bunnings Log Road, Frankland River, in the shire of Cranbrook.




Mr RANDALL (Canning) (20:11): I wish to again bring to the attention of the House the unjust and unfair situation of a constituent in Canning, Mr Peter Swift of Waroona, who was accused by the Department of Environment and Conservation, DEC, in 2010 of clearing environmentally sensitive areas of land on his property, to be labelled as contentious areas, CA, between November 2007 and December 2009. His property is located on Bunnings Log Road, Frankland River, in the shire of Cranbrook. Read full Hansard debate here.

June 2015 - The West Australian newspaper

A small piece of poor reporting about the real issue - see above for the real story above.  Some journalistic endeavour would have made for a piece of reporting that was more balanced and informative for the readers of this newspaper!  It hardly warrants placing on this website but I feel it is imperative to provide the whole picture for my followers. Read the item here.

April 2015 - Australian Financial Review

Jonathan Barrett continues his reports on the ongoing battle being fought by Murray Nixon on behalf of West Australian farmers to repeal the controversial environmental law.  West Australian Planning Commission confess a large payout in 2013 means the department is now "constrained".  Don't they realise that forcing farmers into bankruptcy is hardly the answer to the department's poor financial management.  Rightful compensation is the only answer. Read the full story here.  

April 2015 - Private Property Rights and Resources Bulletin

Progress re Petition No. 42 - Oppose Environmental Protection (ESA) Notice 2005.  Short bulletin is worth the read!

April 2015 - Winning isn't everything - Court win takes a human toll

Lake Muir landowner claiming almost $3.0 million after wrongly prosecuted by the DEC - how much is too much? Read full story from Farm Weekly here  Up to 4,000 other WA landowners face same challenges!

April 2015 - Manjimup farmer, Peter Swift, learns tomorrow whether he faces foreclosure on his property.

After a multi-year battle in which he was accused of clearing land but later found to be innocent. Read the full story from The West Australian here.

March 2015 - In the issue of landrights, Bill Marmion labelled "most weak and timid minister in Barnett Government by Don Randall.

Jonathan Barrett reports on the continual lack of resolution for West Australian landowners and in particular the case of Peter Swift. Read full story from here.

March 2015 - Farmer and former state Liberal member Murray Nixon speaks out.

He told a state parliamentary committee on Wednesday that many farmers were unaware that they were legally prevented from grazing livestock on designated sensitive areas given the classification system was snuck into legislation without adequate consultation. Read the full story from North Queensland Register here.

Happy New Year to all of my supporters for their advice, guidance and encouragement.  The battle is not yet won, but my spirit is not broken - I continue to fight the corner for what is right and just for myself and every landowner who is hampered by the lack of clarity over our land rights.  The situation must be resolved for the sake of our farming communities and everyone who relies on producers to put food on the tables of every Australian.

Let 2015 be the year common sense prevails!  

Environmental laws lock up farmer's land - November 2014

Environmental protection laws lock up 2/3rds of my land - this could apply to you! Read ABC News story here

ESA concerns to be addressed ... compensation remains the issue - October 2014

Short article highlights the ongoing challenges landowners face. Page 1 and Page 2.

Why changing the Native Vegetation Act is so difficult ...

Read this interesting article by David Claughton, published by ABC Rural - isn't there anyone with the courage to  make a decision and stop holding to ransom farmers and landowners like me!  How many more people have to take their own lives before the message gets through to those responsible for the governing of our country!

Don Randall MP delivers speech to Australian Parliament - 23 June, 2014

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Federation Chamber - GRIEVANCE DEBATE - Western Australia: Property Rights - SPEECH - Monday, 23 June 2014

Mr RANDALL (Canning) (19:04): I rise today to speak about property rights—those that have affected my constituent Peter Swift and have the possibility of impacting around 2,000 more landowners in Western Australia. For those not familiar with Peter Swift's case, in summary he was prosecuted by the Western Australian state government's Department of Environment and Conservation, or DEC, for clearing vegetation on his Manjimup property without authorisation, contrary to sections 51C and 99Q of the Environmental Protection Act 1986. Mr Swift maintained his innocence against the charges and provided aerial photographs showing the land clearing had taken place before he purchased the property in 2007. In the end, Mr Swift won the case, though he is now $360,000 out of pocket and severely physically and mentally drained—wrecked—by this experience.

Read the full speech and send us your support or comments via Twitter to #jascalm

Push to Restore Property Rights - 19 June, 2014

Farm Weekly article by Peter Henderson Page 1 and Page 2

Her Majesty, The Queen acknowledges plight of Peter Swift - 12 June, 2014

When protecting my land and fighting for his rights, Peter Swift has contacted every level of government and parliamentary authority and ultimately to Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace and she has graciously acknowledged his plight.  A copy has been sent to the Australian Governor General, let's hope her personal representative will this time take the matter seriously!

"I've been driven to the depths of despair and I am not giving up, no matter how many people I have to contact because this issue affects 2,000 West Australian farmers, not just me! I will fight this corner until justice is done." adds Peter.

Hunger striker Peter Spencer to call two ex PMs as witnesses - ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - 12 June, 2014

Murray Cowper MLA delivers Bill to Parliament - 18 April, 2014

Help support Murray on Wednesday 18th June, 2014 when he presents to Parliament the Bill – Taking of Property on Just Terms Bill 2013”.  Print, sign and send this letter to Murray.

This Bill affects ALL landowners in Western Australian and as a landowner I am concerned about the Government’s lack of clarity on law and process. 

It has been reported that there are West Australians who have been driven to financial ruin, subjected to severe mental torment and very tragically even suicide, because our Government is unable to clarify landowner rights when takes private land and converts to public land.

Take a stand because it could very easily happen to you!  

Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson keen to hear from farmers - 15 May, 2014

I want to hear if farmers feel their property rights are being undermined ... read the full article HERE or contact Tim at The Sydney Institute

Green Thuggery - read all about it in The Australian - 23 April, 2014 

Land Clearing - Exposing the Facts - 8 April, 2014 - a key event for the local community

Peter Swift to address attendees at The West Midlands Group Land Clearing – Exposing the Facts” forum on 8 April in Badgingarra.  On the agenda are representatives from the DER and local farming community.  Peter has been asked to share his experiences after 4 years of battling government and DER bureaucracy and red tape which culminated in a court appearance before he cleared his name.  It’s a fascinating story and not for the faint hearted.  Sadly, his plight is not unique and many other land owners may be shocked, but not surprised, just how much mental and physical stress is placed on innocent, responsible, hardworking West Australian landowners by those who simply have no understanding or common sense when it comes to land ownership responsibilities.

West Midlands Group is a developing grower group currently servicing Badgingarra, Dandaragan, West Moora, Regans Ford, Warradarge, Eneabba and the West Midlands coast.  The Group provides local growers with a forum for sharing information that is specific to their areas covering important topics including crop and pasture research, natural resource management and the role of women in agriculture.  For more information visit their website at

"Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Regulation" by the Hon. Murray Davidson Nixon MLC - 18 March, 2014

Member for Agricultural Region. Agricultural Region includes the Legislative Assembly electorates of Avon, Geraldton, Greenough, Merredin, Moore, Roe and Wagin. Email us for a copy of the story 

The West Australian - 23 December, 2013

WA's environmental watchdog's land clearing photos invalid 

Glen McLeon, Consulting Lawyer published on 19 December, 2013 

ABC News Online - 12 December, 2013

Government moves to relax land clearing laws after farmers complain of excessive red tape 

The West Australian - 3 December, 2013

One small step for a farmer, a great leap forward for West Australian land owners! 

Institute of Public Affairs Director supports the fight for Property Rights - 30 October, 2013

Simon Breheny is the Editor of FreedomWatch and Director of the Legal Rights Project at the Institute of Public Affairs - gets behind the fight. 

The West Australian 30 October, 2013

Acquitted but the battle continues ... 

Institute of Public Affairs 29 October, 2013

"Heads must roll over malicious pursuit of innocent farmer

Daisy Downs and sub-surface land rights - makes interesting reading!

Read the Decision Paper :

Farm Weekly 25 October, 2013

Farmer cleared of charges

Countryman 25 October, 2013 

Farm Weekly 4 July, 2013


Farm Weekly 21 March, 2013


Farm Weekly 31 January, 2013

The West Australian 26th September, 2012