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A voice for rural communities

Landowners of Western Australia, let's protect our heritage and our future by standing firm for what is right for our great country.   These scenes are from my own property Jukurrpa and I fight every single day to keep my home due to the inconsistent laws governing property rights in  Western Australia.

Who is behind Property Rights West Australia ... up to 4,000 land owners in Western Australia could face this very same situation ... 



A fellow rural landowner, committed to fairness and justice for the Western Australian rural community.


Peter Swift, landowner

Peter's family owned Kimbolton Station in remote north west of Western Australia, a property of some one million acres. In the 60's education was provided by School of the Air and any medical care and emergencies were handled by the Flying Doctor service.  It was 40 miles to the nearest neighbour and 100 miles to the nearest town.  Being resourceful was a way of life.

At the age of 14, he commenced his apprenticeship with BHP on Koolan Island and became a highly skilled heavy duty equipment diesel mechanic.  He worked for many years in the mining industry and also qualified as a commercial pilot.  He has participated in community groups such as Rotary and in recent years has spent an extensive amount of time involved in property rights issues.

Peter's dream has always been to own and a farm, breed livestock and be involved in his community.  During a visit to the UK, Switzerland and Italy in 2006, Peter met with a number of the farming community to learn more about the challenges of farmers on the other side of the world.  At the heart of the people he met was the shared love of their land, their animals and a keen sense of commitment to preserve and protect farming for future generations. 

Today Peter farms in Pindicup and is keen to help promote the rights of landowners in Western Australia, engage with government and other relevant bodies to ensure the voice of our farming community does not go unheard.


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In the words of our Australian National Anthem ....

"... Our land abounds in nature's gifts, of beauty rich and rare, in history's page let every stage,

Advance Australia fair ..."


Let's not allow history to reveal that we didn't do our best to make a real difference for future generations.